Sunday 23 August 2020

Cisco Unity Active/Passive


Open GUI ( Primary or Backup)

Go to Cisco Unity Connection Serviceability

Log in with ucadmin

Tools Cluster Management

Verify Active/Passive status, There are options to change .

Record Unity greetings from IP Phones


  1. Go to Call handler, Edit, Add greeting owner to your ID
  2. Edit Call handler, edit, caller input, 9 set to greeting administrator
  3. Dial VM Mail extemsopm to reach the Cisco Unity Connection Greeting Administrator and Press 9
  4.  Enter your ID # (your assigned ext)
  5. Enter your PIN # (your ext PIN)
  6.  Enter the extension of the Call Handler followed by # (enter your call handler ext usually the main office ext). You may need to enter the full call handler number 19529883xxx. H
  7.  Listen to the prompts to change a greeting. It will first repeat the current greeting, then give you options to change.