Friday 19 August 2016

VLAN Trunking working with Hyper-V ( Windows 2008 R2)

On Switch Side

interface Gig1/1  ( select corresponding port here)
description Connection to HyperV
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switch mode trunk

On Windows Server

  1. On your Hyper-V host, validate that you have connectivity on the NIC that is connected to the interface above
  2. Right-click on this network, select properties (Windows Server 2008) or clicked Advanced Adapter settings in Windows Server ( 2008 R2 here)imageimage
  3. Verify no configuration settings for the adapter.image

Configuring VM to use VLAN 

  1. Create  Virtual Machine
  2. On the Connection selection screen, select the Virtual Network that is trunk ( as above)image
  3.  Right-click the VM in Hyper-V console and select settingsimage
  4. In the properties of the Virtual Machine, select the Enable virtual LAN identification by checking the box.  Input the VLAN ID.

5. Completed.