Friday, 22 September 2017

Cisco ASA dual ISP for incoming traffic


If we are using Public IP address provided by ISP1 and ISP2, and wants to make both public links active at a time.

For this purpose , we can use Traffic zones so that we will be able create two default routes.

Outbound Traffic- Load balanced across two ISPs, We should do tracking as well to identify failed routes

Inbound Traffic - ASA will return the traffic through the same interface it is coming from.

Additional requirement-   Secondary or Additional IP address in Public (dmz/inside) server


R3 is the remote user
R1 - ISP1 Router
R2- ISP2 Router
ASA- Customer side ASA
R4- Internal or DMZ public server with 2 ip address

Configuration required in ASA

1. Traffic zones

config mode-
zone ISP
zone Internal

Interface mode

zone-member ISP // for both ISP interfaces

2. Routes

route outside1 1
route outside2 1

You may need to create tracking for above routes.

3. NAT

nat (inside1,outside1) source static inside1_192.168.100.100 public1_1.1.1.1  ( NAT for primary IP)
nat (inside1,outside2) source static inside2_192.168.100.101 public2_2.2.2.2  ( NAT for secondary/additonal IP through seondary ISP)
nat (inside1,outside1) source dynamic inside1_192.168.100.100 interface
nat (inside1,outside2) source dynamic inside1_192.168.100.100 interface

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Please note: Alternate option is use Policy based routes in ASA, so if ip address in secondary , then we can set next hop to secondary IP.